Birding Varanger - The Biotope guide to the best bird sites in Arctic Norway


The guidebook is currently out of stock. 4000 copies are sold (!) and we have to order a new print. Meanwhile: We are considering making an Ebook (to be sold on iTunes and Google Play) Would you buy that instead? Let us know in an email to

A 200 page guide book to the world´s finest arctic birding destination:
  • 30 maps of all the best bird sites in Pasvik and Varanger, from region overview maps to detailed site maps
  • Aerial panorama photos of all key sites from Øvre Pasvik in the south to Berlevåg in the north
  • 100 quality photos of all the key bird species in Varanger
  • All bird names in text is in both English and Norwegian
  • Descriptions of where and when to find birds, and all the best bird sites in Varanger
  • Complete check list of all birds ever seen in Varanger (in English, Latin, Norwegian, Sámi and German)
  • This guide will help you find the best birds and most exciting sites in Varanger!

300 Kr (Norwegian Kroner)  =  30.95 Euro  =  27.64 GPB  =  34.93 USD
(International shipping cost is 130 Kr  =  13,41 Euro  =  11.98 GBP =  15.14 USD)
(July 2019)